So I have had an account on wattpad for a couple of years now and all I’ve used it for was reading stories (mostly fan-fiction) I’ve never created a story on it before.

(If you don’t know what wattpad is, it’s an website/app where users create stories of all genres. Action, Horror, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Fan-fiction etc. you name it and they have it. It’s amazing. I read it almost everyday.)

Anyway so I started creating stories on wattpad so you can look up my account my user name is lostinthoughst16.

There is a trailer to one of my stories that I created so you can watch that to see if you are interested.

Sorry this was just a little note to all of you who like to read!


City Lights


So this past weekend I went to an Opera House and saw a musical, Beauty and the Beast and it was so beautiful. The Opera House alone had me in aww. The architecture was so amazing. We had nose-bleed seats, so we were almost to the very top row, and you look out and see the whole Opera House was breath taking. The musical was amazing, the woman who played Belle sounded just like Belle. After the show we went shopping and got so many good deals. And everything was so close to the Opera House so we walked to everything because it was in the city and I was so nice. The  city lights that glowed up the streets. And just the feeling of being in the city was so great. After we went shopping we went to a small Italian place and I got the Linguine and Meatballs and it was delicious. It was such a good day. 🙂 I can’t wait to get a small apartment in the city where I can go to my dream job and be so close to everything and and have a little coffee spot:):):):) I want to live in the city but not forever. Just while I’m in school like college. And then once I find someone, we will travel the world together and go everywhere and see everything. And then once we are ready to get settled we will move to the suburbs.

New Year :)


New Years Resolution:

  1. Loss weight
  2. Always tell the truth
  3. Take care of my face
  4. Save money
  5. Get a good job
  6. Face my fears
  7. Live life to the fullest
  8. See the world
  9. Be happy 🙂

2016 I want to be great. “New Year, New Me” So cheesey. Like we know you proably aren’t gonna change because you’ve said that every year. But 2016 I want to be the best. I want to lose weight to feel good and comfortable in my body. I don’t want to lie. I want to be able to tell the truth always. I know I should always do that but I really want to embrace it in 2016. I know take care of my face sounds kind of weird but I really want my face to look smooth with no pimples and I want my face to be prevented from wrinkles. I really need to save up money. I want to be able to have money to go out with my friends if they ask or go to the restaurant and not be worried about the check. Ya know? I want a good job. One that pays me well and I enjoy. I don’t want to be getting 7 dollars an hour to work at a McDonalds. No. Not gonna happen. I want to get paid well so I can have the money to do things. I also want to be happy at my job. I don’t want to come home everyday and be miserable from my job. No. Once again not gonna happen. I want to actually enjoy my work. I don’t want to be scared to talk to that guy or scared to go do something totally crazy. I want to just be able to do it. It’s 2016. It’s a New Year. It’s time for change. And I’m gonna make it happen. Living life to the fullest. What’s the point of sitting home all day. I want to get out more and see the world. I want to go do that crazy thing like bungee jumping or swimming with turtles. 🙂 I want to see the world. I don’t want to go through life only one way. I want to have options to mix it up. I want to learn different cultures and their way of life.  I want to enjoy life. I don’t want to be down in the dumps all the time. It sucks. I want to be happy. I have a feeling 2016 is gonna be a great year. And I’m determined to my resolutions.

I can feel you on my lips



You see him standing there

His eyes glisten in the moonlight

His hair looks just right

His smile brightens up my day

He doesn’t know how I feel

And he won’t

I can’t have him

He doesn’t know I’m here

I’m an extra

Another person to fill the room

It was inevitable they would be together

She doesn’t deserve him

She doesn’t love him like I do

It doesn’t matter

All that’s left is images of him passing me in the halls

Thoughts of him used to give me butterflies

Now thoughts of him are lingering rain clouds that follow me everywhere

I can’t think of him anymore

Because he’s gone.

There’s this boy. The one who would call my name just to make me turn around and see my smile. The one who would tease me and play with my hair. The one who would laugh at my jokes, no matter how bad they are The one who would stare at me and just admire the beauty inside and out. He’s gone now. I let him slip right out beneath me. I could have been his everything. He was mine. Now he’s gone. He will probably never know how I felt. I wish I told him. I wish he knew how much he meant to me. He may have thought the same but I let him go. He probably doesn’t even remember my name. We were gonna go skiing. We were gonna have New Years together. Go camping next summer. He was gonna take me to the dance. He was perfect. I think I loved him. Loved. Past tense. I now realize he will never feel the same. How can I love someone that would never look twice at me? I can’t. I had to let him go. He loved someone else. I still have hope. But he has no clue. He will walk down the hall and not even think twice about the girl who once loved him. There’s still a little part of me that won’t let him go. No matter how hard I try he’s there. In the back of mind. I haven’t gone a day where he hasn’t crossed my mind.Every love song he’s the boy that I imagine, standing there looking back at me wondering how he was so lucky to get his dream girl. But I’m not his dream girl. I’m just a dream girl. Not the kind of girl who every guy imagines and is perfect in every way. I’m an actual dream girl. Just girl who has dreams and that’s it. It’s just my dream. That he will be mine. And I will be his. And he will look at me and his breath will be taken away. He will be on the other side of the bed every morning when we wake up. Even if he was mad that night, he will still be there and hug me in the morning. I want him. But that’s the problem. I’m not suppose to want him. I’m suppose to be over him. He’s suppose to be the perfect girl. And I’m not her. I’m not the lucky one. The lucky one is the girl who gets him. The girl who get the perfect guy. I want us to go back to normal I want him to call my name just to make me turn around and see my smile. I want him to laugh at my jokes even when they suck. The one who plays with my hair and teases me. But he can’t do those things… cause he’s gone.



I am currently watching friends. I know the show is old but I love it. I have a close circle of friends just like them. 3 girls and 3 guys. We always hang out. One of the my guy friends remind me of Ross. Just the way he acts compared to Chandler and Joey. One of my girl friends remind me of Rachel. Because she is kind of ditzy and pretty. But I love her to death. But I don’t picture those two together like Rachel and Ross. (I’m just gonna start calling them that.) I picture my friend like Rachel with my friend like Chandler. And then I picture my friend like Phoebe with my friend like Joey. I guess I’m Monica. Sometimes I can be a Phoebe though. No of us are siblings tho so I guess I could be with Ross. I used to like him. My friend, I’m not really sure how he felt back. I never got the courage to ask him. But he used to listen to me and laugh at my jokes and he’d tease me. Like we were sitting in my friend car and he was in the way back like the third row by himself, and I was in the second row with two other people. And he kept putting my hood down or playing with me hair and when I looked back at him he would smile at me. It got really squish in the second row so I climbed over to the third row in the car and sat with him. He was facing be laying down and his feet were on top of me and the whole car ride I could feel him staring at me. I would look over and he would be looking at me and then smile. I didn’t know what to do. And then we asked him who his favorite was out of us girls and he said that I was. And I asked him why. And he said I don’t know you just are. And then we asked the boys out of all of us who would be the best to date and he said “Well a relationship with you would be great and long-lasting.” Then another summer we went zip lining on all of the rope course and he was behind me and he’d always call my name and I’d look back and he would just smile and wave and he did that like a hundred times. I really liked him and I wish I said something and told him how I felt. My advice for you is to not wait and go tell that boy or girl how you feel. They may feel the same way.

About Me

IMG_7878Sometimes your thoughts can’t be put into words….. But I’m trying the best I can. This blog is about everything. What ever comes to mind I will express onto this blog. I know it may sound cheesy “sometimes your thoughts can’t be put into words” like I’m some sort of hippy or something but I’m not. I’m just a person trying to get through life. Have you ever wanted to say something but you can’t.. Well that happens to me often. I will be blogging some of my poems, my daily thoughts, things happening in the world, fashion statements, celebrities, etc. Anything you want me to talk about I will. I don’t like to be mean to people and I have very low self esteem and on here I can just express what I want. I can share my opinions without thinking everyone is judging me.